Our Charity

We believe that business should be about more than just making money; it should be about purpose, responsibility and public good.

  • It is our philosophy to give a helping hand to small charities around the world, using local staff to benefit the community that surrounds our charity.
  • This local wisdom helps us to reach those who need it most, in a way that is most relevant.
  • We believe that the vision you keep in your mind, the ideal that you store in your heart, is the beat you will lead your life by and what you ultimately become.

The Small School with a Big Heart

The Golden Avatar Trust provides education to underprivileged children in West Bengal, India, at no cost. The vision is to offer a comprehensive education in which students develop their strong characteristics while having exposure to all aspects of modern technological education.

In addition, our vision is to teach agricultural techniques and other practical living techniques, such as cooking, construction and sewing. In this way the students will receive a well-balanced education with aspects of arts, culture, music, dance, technology and agriculture having a place among the core curriculum of Math, science, English, history, physical education and the local language.

We aim to provide each student with a strong foundation in spiritual life by following the precepts set forth by Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu, who lived during the 16th century primarily in Bengal and Orissa.