About Us

A welcoming note.

Warm and wonderful greeting cards that touch the heart and lift the spirits — our special line is designed to Educate, Motivate & Celebrate, and includes beautiful quotes, saying and images from the world’s wisdom traditions.

Bhakti Gifts is an extension of the mission we set for ourselves: to give people access to the beautiful bhakti tradition, arts, culture and philosophy, in ways that Inform & Inspire.
Our growing collection of cards and other products, includes quotes and sayings from the beautiful Vedic wisdom tradition, depicting the beauty of bhakti, its culture, arts and philosophy. We’re adding new designs and products every week, so make sure to visit regularly, or sign up for instant updates.
Appreciation comes in many forms, but one thing is for certain: everyone appreciates being appreciated. So go ahead and let someone know your appreciation. Why not send them a card from our inspiration cards collection.

Also, please click here to check out our opportunities for Gifts & Cards Wholesalers. Thanks from all of us at Bhakti Gifts!